The HikeTheSky Equipment page

Equipment is important when it comes to taking good pictures and videos. While I don’t have the newest gadgets on the market, I have good workhorses that do their job as needed. 
I may be able to update it sometime in the future. If you want to help, here is a link to donate to my community projects. 

Autel Evo 2 Pro Drone

My Autel Evo 2 Pro drone is already a couple of years old but still a great workhorse. And I really don’t have the money to get a new one. 
I currently have three working batteries with it, but two of them will need to be replaced soon. 
I will add a picture of the drone soon. 


I got my EOS R as a used camera, and only my lenses are new or refurbished. It’s a workhorse I have also for a couple of years and I will keep it until it stops working. 


My GoPro 10 is what I use when I take hiking videos or videos while driving. It’s a great camera, and it also will stay with me until it breaks. With this one, I also had to upgrade the batteries, as the normal ones drain too fast and they freeze in cold weather. 


When I am out taking drone pictures or videos, I in general park on the side of the road and even on roads with very little traffic I will add my traffic cones and light as I like my landing pad secured. I know others that didn’t do that and someone just drove over their landing pad. So yeah keeping the landing zone controlled is just an easy way do stay safe. 


While I could invest in a lot of drone batteries, I believe it’s just cheaper to recharge the ones I have. So, after flying my three current batteries, I will just take a break and recharge them as soon as they get out of the drone. For that, I have a 256 Wh battery pack that can be recharged from the 12 Volt of the car. So this way, I can fly to different locations and just recharge in between.

I will add a picture next time I actually use it. 


More to come


None of my equipment is new but it’s all in working order. if you like my community pictures, maybe you want to donate some money to the cause.